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Jurassic World

Rated PG-13

Starring: Chris Pratt & Ty Simpkins

A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything is going well until the parks newest attraction, a genetically modified stealth predator, escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.

Friday, October 9th-Thursday, October 15th
12:00 PM & 6:45 PM Daily

The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Rated PG-13
Starring: Henry Cavill & Armie Hammer

In the early 1960s, CIA agent Napoleon Solo and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin participate in a joint mission against a mysterious criminal organization working to to proliferate nuclear weapons.

Friday, October 9th- Thursday, October 15th
3:00 PM & 9:30 PM daily