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Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Rated PG-13

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

After surviving two rounds in the hunger games Katniss is once again called on for her leadership. In the propoganda battle between the rebelling districts and the Capitol, Katniss must set an example of strength while dealing with her own struggles. Peeta is held captive and forced to make katniss out to be a radical that must be stopped. Katniss must break into the Capitol to recue Peeta. 

Friday, January 30 - Thursday, February 5
12:00 PM & 6:45 PM Daily


Rated R

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal


Set in modern day Los Angeles, Lou Bloom is a hard-working and ambitious young man looking for work. Lou finds his calling in the world of crime journalism. This chilling story expolores the mind of an investigative journalist who will do anything to get the story. When Lou is the first on the scene of a major murder, he must decide what to do with his information and how to create the best story. 

Friday, January 30 - Thursday, February 5
3:00 PM & 9:30 PM daily