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The Maze Runner

Rated PG-13

Starring: Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario

Thomas arrives in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth.  Like the other youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life.  Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status -- those who patrol the always changing maze to find an escape route.  Together with Teresa, Thomas tries to convince his cohorts that he knows a way out.

Friday, December 12 - Thursday, December 18
3:00 PM & 9:30 PM Daily

Dracula Untold

Rated PG-13

Starring: Luke Evans, Dominic Coopers, Sarah Evans

In 15th Century Transylvania, Vlad III, prince of Wallachia, is known as a just ruler.  With his beloved wife, Mirena, Vlad has brokered a prolonged period of peace and ensured that his people are protected, especially from the Ottoman Empire.  However, when Sultan Mehmed II demands 1,000 of the country's boys, including Vlad's son, for his army, Vlad makes a deal with a monster that will enable him to defeat the Turks --but cost him his humanity.  

Friday, December 12 - Thursday, December 18
12:00 PM & 6:45 PM daily